Justin Link

Music was always an essential part of Justin’s life. His formal training in music began in his mothers womb as his father (a  German classically trained cellist) would play the great composers of Europe on his mother’s belly. Coming from a culture that has provided some of the most renowned composers in history, Justin was constantly exposed to classical music. At Christmas time as a kid, one of the things he looked forward to most was the music. Justin’s uncle would always have a newly crafted instrument he put together by hand and would be playing away on it throughout the holiday. As he grew older he would join him on the bass.
From the age of seven on, he was involved in the Santa Rosa children’s chorus, local church choir and classical piano training under Gary Skyrme of Stanford University. Shortly after Justin discovered the works of a film composer and bassist by the name of Stanley Clarke. Stanley played an Alembic bass, made in the Bay Area which he had used to create a completely unique sound. After purchasing Stanley’s Album: “Stanley Clarke at the Movies,” Justin knew what he wanted to do. The sounds that Stanley Clarke made with that instrument were unlike anything Justin had ever heard. By the age of twenty-five, he purchased one. Justin went on to study bass guitar under Evan Palmerston of Elvin Bishop, jazz with Mr. Bennett Friedman (a sax player for Frank Sinatra and Marvin Gaye) and music production with Dr. Alex Kelly a San Francisco cellist, composer and electronic musician/conductor.
Another defining moment was attending Oscar Wilde’s “Salome” by Al Pacino live in LA in 2006. The performance was impressive and as a result, he studied acting and theater while continuing his music education simultaneously. To this day, he is constantly expanding his musical education while working as a film composer. 
Justin, his wife Caroline and their three daughters: Alexis, Kirsten and Genevieve reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.